***This blog is my go at expressing life as I engage in and with it. I will most likely make multiple digressions from the general topic as the associations hit me, for I have been so fortunately blessed with adhd.

The reader too shall note, that I am in recovery from drugs and alcohol and will refer to my past and lifestyle, more often in relation to GROWTH and staying clean. There will be some mention of 12 step support groups (qualms and gems) but not in great detail, so to not break anonymity. 

I have a world view that has been chipped at, shaped, and molded by broad culture, life events, and my own liking to certain ideas over others. I will touch on my history and upbringing in a baptist home and my journey out of that worldview to that of current agnosticism leaning toward atheism. 

And finally, this blog may sometimes read plum crazy, because of my eccentric humor and creative expression, but the reader will find themes of philosophy (ETHICS), psychology, and art throughout.***



Author: Stoic Mime

Life student of philosophy. Artist and musician. Always striving to live as a "good" person and to discourage unnecessary suffering in myself and others by drawing on Art and Stoic philosophy. Like many things in life, though, it's not always that simple. ;)

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