An Introductory Tid Bit

I’ve decided to blog about my life. I’m a life student of philosophy and an artist. Life is crazy. As Heidegger puts it, we’re THROWN into this life, into a point in history, social context, in a family, that we did not ask for. The rest is what we make it, right? So this blog is an attempt to make sense of me living and learning my way through it.

I’m currently taking a course online facilitated by Gregory Sadler, Phd. on Epictetus’ Discourses. He has encouraged me to write about how I apply Stoic principles in the service industry. I go into my shift at 4:00 pm today and shall write about it tonight upon returning. I’m already saying to myself, as Marcus Aurelius would advise, that people are going to be mean, selfish, and crazy, all which to them seems justified. The challenge for me is how I choose to see these things in context and respond, maintaining a proper moral framework, so to say.




Author: Stoic Mime

Life student of philosophy. Artist and musician. Always striving to live as a "good" person and to discourage unnecessary suffering in myself and others by drawing on Art and Stoic philosophy. Like many things in life, though, it's not always that simple. ;)

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